• Import & export

    To anywhere in Mexico
    From anyhere in the USA.

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  • Relax... and shop away!

    Your packages and purchases made in the U.S. can now be forwarded to your local ibox.
    Customs procedures will be taken care for you, and those costs,
    duties, shipping and handling financed until pickup.

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  • Never miss a beat

    If traveling, or moving to Mexico you get a local Mexican mailing address, which would allow you
    to receive legal documents, immigration papers and any other correspondence, while
    still away. We can even forward your mail to anywhere you may be.

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  • Stay in the loop

    Suscribe to U.S. newspapers and magazines and receive them directly,
    along with other correspondence, in your local ibox, at U.S. costs

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2 different ways of shopping with ishop&mail

Different ways for different needs

Tell us what you want

We'll buy it and deliver it for you.

Buy it yourself

We will send it to you.


ibox plans for every need


Per Month

Monthly weight up to
2 Kg / 4 Lbs